Links to our friend‘s websites

Gothart - Rakija'n'roll - Balcan world music
Braagas - medieval music and old songs from Europe
Musica Vagantium - medieval music
Chorus Angelus - children’s choir
Brécy - female voiceband
Phaedro - musician of many genres
Varius Coloribus - great pipe-playing band from Germany
Tempradura - French group of street theatre and music
Theatre de L'Alauda (Les Mercatores) - French street theatre
Ensemble Obsidienne - company playing old music from France

Swordfighters and dancers:
Merlet - theatre and swordfighting group, agency
Hortus Gratiae - historical dancegroup
Romance - historical and ethnical dancegroup
Kvartet - swordfighting theatre
El Raks Sá-el - tribal dancegroup from Brno

Koňmo - wandering theatre
Vojta Vrtek - juggler
Müschwerk - web in czech about medieval culture
Living history - server about living history
In flamenus - professional snake charmer and fireshow
Master Fleapit & Pirolina - jugglers theatre
Guedelon - castle built by the authentic methods of 13th century
Chateau de Saint Mesmin - French castle